Public Speaking & Effective Communication Skills

Expert Coaching and Training for Sales, Presentations, Pitches and Meetings:

  • The Fearless Speaker

  • The Confident Speaker

  • The Keynote Speaker


Yes and Teambuilding

Utilising the Power of Acting, Improv and Storytelling to maximise Team Building and Performance. Includes Master Performance Techniques used by professional Actors and Celebs


A Resilience Mindset

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point." CAROL DWECK


Leadership& Ownership


“the most fundamental and important truths at the heart of Extreme Ownership: there are no bad teams, only bad leaders.”


“Why am I stuck in the same old habits and patterns?”
“Why am I living my life as if it’s a dress rehearsal?”

“Why am I procrastinating all the time and ignoring what I want?”
“I’ve got so much potential, why am I stuck in life?”

Does that Sound familiar?

Our clients come to us for coaching because they are TIRED of their current situation
and they KNOW they have the capacity to improve.

They feel trapped – just putting their head down and getting on with life.
Getting stuff done, but not as well as they want to.

Deep down, they know that they possess the CAPACITY to achieve far more than they have up to now.

Within them, they have POTENTIAL to ACCOMPLISH something remarkable.

Something that would prompt them to reflect their life with PRIDE and without regret.

Is that someone like you?

If it is, then if you’re here you’ve decided you want to CHANGE .

Maybe you’ve read self-help books, listened to podcasts, and tried to do it yourself.
Most likely, it’s not worked out for you as much as you wished it would.​

Change, forming NEW HABITS and shifting your MINDET is not something that’s EASY to do on your own.

Here’s just a few reasons why you might have become stagnant:

You uncertain or indecisive about what you REALLY WANT
You’ve got so many commitments and responsibilities your VALUES are not clear
You don’t know WHAT TO DO next, and if you do, you lack the CONFIDENCE to do it

The GOOD news is that we have helped everyone from Actors to Heart Surgeons to Senior Executives


Our Happy Clients...

Icarus Coaching
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Rebekka FordRebekka Ford
10:26 19 Mar 24
My sessions with Nick were transformational. He asked all the right questions and allowed me to highlight some home truths that needed to be addressed. He made me feel completely comfortable and understood, while encouraging me to get uncomfortable and ask myself testing but important questions. I came out of each session feeling positive and motivated as he had given me the tools to think differently and make big life decisions.I would honestly recommend Icarus Coaching to everyone!
Cath BarrettCath Barrett
10:19 30 Jun 23
Nick's insight has always been extremely helpful to me. As a coach, he is patient and adaptable. He always makes sure to use questions to help you puzzle things through yourself, rather than just forcing his own opinion/view on you on what you should be doing. I'll always be grateful for being able to approach Nick when seeking advice - he is helpful, friendly, funny and no-nonsense!
Patrick MckenziePatrick Mckenzie
11:28 21 Jun 23
Working with Mark is a real pleasure, he began coaching me and helping me to build on my specific qualities focusing on discipline, consistency with self belief all that I need I already possess. There was no hard sell or brow beating. Also I shouldn’t be so hard on myself be patient.
Kal SabirKal Sabir
08:19 05 Jun 23
Nick has a very down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach to helping clients. I'm an actor and needed help with improving my success rate with auditions - I had reached a point where I was placing too much focus on results and not enjoying the process.Nick helped me to put things in perspective, to understand what is and is not under my control. Through frank discussions, we outlined a more realistic plan focused on growth.I now leave auditions knowing that no matter the final decision, I delivered my best effort.Thank you, Nick!
naledi Mametjenaledi Mametje
08:20 26 May 23
I hate my job and came to the conclusion that it was time for a change. I contacted Mark and for the past year he has been my coach. What an amazing experience it has been. I have become more confident in my self and my ability. Working with Mark was truly worth it. A year of work has resulted in moving to the UK to begin a new career. I would highly recommend him, trust me you won’t regret it. It is THE BEST decision I have ever made
Déborah LazreugDéborah Lazreug
16:03 25 May 23
Nick’s power resides in being completely receptive and adapting to every single individual he works with. He has a great emotional intelligence which makes him very empathetic and perceptive. He will find what works for YOU and therefore he will help you unlock your potential. He’s very patient and gentle!
Jennifer RowlandsJennifer Rowlands
19:58 24 May 23
Nick is an excellent coach. Patient, insightful, challenging and supportive, he ticks all the boxes as a life or business coach. With a healthy sprinkle of down to earth pragmatism and a no-nonsense attitude, he really helped me get to the nub of things and make concrete plans to move forward. The genuine rapport he builds makes things easy and natural, while also being robust and thorough. An all round excellent experience.


Discovery Session for Life Coaching Edinburgh

Initial Discovery Session

Book a FREE discovery chat with one of our qualified and experienced coaches.
For 60 mins we can touch on what’s holding you back or want you would like to achieve. Sometimes called a ‘Chemistry Test’, primarily the goal of the session is to make sure we are the right people to help you.

Life Coaching Planning Session Edinburgh

We Make a Coaching Plan

Once we have decided to move forward, together we agree how we are going to work together to get the best out of you. We then create a coaching plan over a series of sessions, so we know where to focus on life coaching goals and how to move forward most effectively.

Results with Life Coaching Signs Edinburgh

We Help You Get Results

This is were the work begins. We’ll explore your visions and goals (it’s ok if you don’t know what they are yet) and we will help you reduce the resistance that’s holding you back, and help you identify what strengths you have for change and how you’re going to use them to get where you need to be.
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